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 Channeling Your Druid Deity

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PostSubject: Channeling Your Druid Deity   Channeling Your Druid Deity Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 4:22 pm

Druid Only
You get this when you go through the training for it when you first make your character

Name: Channeling Your Druid Deity
Type: Buff
Magic Type: N/A
Energy/Mana Cost: 4 Mana or Energy to activate spell/ability.  1 to maintain per post. you must choose 1 or the other, different Druid/Animal types may want to be more of a caster or more of a fighter, hence you get a choice, but you cannot switch back and forth, pick one and stick with it forever.
Casting Time: 1 post cast, effect immediate
Duration of Effect: Until your Mana/Energy runs up or turned off by choice.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
Stat Requirements: 10 Stamina or Magic
Training Level Requirement: None
Class Level Requirement: 1
Area of Effect: Self Buff
Primary Effect: Doubles the Animal Deity Buff effect, effect is dependent on your Animal Deity.  You will also get the same body changes as when using the Animal Deity Buff  
Secondary Effect: You can speak to animals of your Deity type.
Description: The body of the caster  takes on small characteristics of their Animal Deity (what parts change depends on your Deity, ears, tail, skin, face, etc.).  This Spell/Ability gives Druids a double bonus of what they normally get from their Animal Deity Buff.  Can be moving while casting.
RP Sample:
She calls upon the God of Cats.  Her body starts to change, giving her a cat tail, eyes, and ears, with claws now instead of fingernails.  Now her Agility gets a 20 point boost (level 1 class gets +10, doubled to get +20), increasing her dodge roll number by 2.
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Channeling Your Druid Deity
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