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 Channeling the God of Death

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PostSubject: Channeling the God of Death   Channeling the God of Death Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 6:37 pm

Necromancer Only
You get this when you go through the training for it when you first make your character

Name: Channeling the God of Death
Type: Buff
Magic Type: N/A
Mana Cost: takes 4 to activate spell/ability.  1 to maintain per post.
Casting Time: 1 post cast, effect immediate
Duration of Effect: Until your Mana runs up or turned off by choice.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
Stat Requirements: 10 Magic
Training Level Requirement: None
Class Level Requirement: 1
Area of Effect: Self Buff
Primary Effect: +1 to all Physical/Magical damage of your Summoned creatures.  +1 more for every even Class level started at 2, (lvl1=1, lvl2=2, lvl4=3, lvl6=4).  
Secondary Effect: A Slight self-heal.  As long as you are on grass or greenery, or touch some like shrubs or trees, you will slowly suck the life out of your surroundings (not effective on people or animals, just nature).  the grass will shrivel and die beneath your feet, healing you for 1 Hit Point every 2 posts; shrubs, bushes, and small trees will heal 1 hit point every post; and larger trees will heal 2 hit points every post.
Description: A dark aura surrounds the body of the caster, emanating a few inches around the skin.  The entire eyes turn black.  This spell increases the damage that summoned creatures can do and gives the caster a small heal by draining the life out of plant-life that has been touched.  Can be moving while casting.
RP Sample:
She calls upon the God of Death.  Darkness surrounds her body as her eyes turn black.  Now each of her 4 Summoned Skeletons can do 3 more damage.  The ground beneath her feet turns dark in her wake as the grass and moss withers away and dies.
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Channeling the God of Death
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