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 Animal Deity Buff

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PostSubject: Animal Deity Buff   Animal Deity Buff Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 3:50 pm

All Classes Except Scion, Necromancer, and Valkyr
You get this after you go through the training for it when you first make your character.  

Name: Animal Deity Buff
Type: Buff
Magic Type: N/A
Mana/Energy Cost: Since this can be used by magic and not magic users, it will take Mana OR Energy - takes 4 to activate spell/ability.  1 to maintain per post.
Casting Time: 1 post cast, effect immediate
Duration of Effect: Until your Mana/Energy runs up (the one you chose to activate it with, not until both are 0) or turned off by choice.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
Stat Requirements: 10 in either Magic or Stamina
Training Level Requirement: None
Class Level Requirement: 1
Area of Effect: Self Buff
Primary Effect: Buff depends on Animal Deity type
Secondary Effect: changes your appearance depending on Animal Deity type
Druids Only Effect: Increases  magical resistance by 1pt per armor piece, +1 more for ever even Class level starting at 2, (lvl1=1, lvl2=2, lvl4=3, lvl6=4)
Description: Each Animal Deity has a different look that the Caster adapts small pieces of (ex. Cat=cat ears and tail, Monkey=monkey feet and tail, etc.)  This Spell/Ability imbues the caster with power from an Animal God or Deity.  There are many types so the effect is different with each one.  Can be moving while casting.
RP Sample: She calls upon her Animal Deity the Fox.  Her ears transform into furry point fox ears and she grows a puffy tail.  Now she has +4 Magic since she is a Class level 2
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Animal Deity Buff
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