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 Armor Template

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PostSubject: Armor Template   Armor Template Icon_minitimeWed Apr 24, 2013 11:04 am

Name: (…)
Type: (cloth, leather, chainmail, plate)
Made from: (What materials: different types of animal leather, different ore, etc.)
Weight: (in lbs)
Character Level Requirement: (1, 2, etc.)
Stat Requirements: (Agility or Strength based)
Training Level Requirement: (only for if the armor is built for assisting a particular weapon, N/A if otherwise.)
Area of Coverage: (detailed please… Ex. The Slave-Bracelet Gauntlet covers some of the back of the hand from the middle finger to wrist in a triangle shape and continuing from the wrist along all sides of the forearm to end just after the elbow, so it covers the elbow.  So it does not cover the entire back of the hand.)
Damage Resistance: (physical damage)
Other Resistances or Effect: (Bleeding, Poison, Burn resistances, does it amplify magic due to being from a certain ore, etc.)
Armor's Health: (3X Damage Resistance)
Description: (what does it look like – area of coverage and any additional information, studding or spikes, additional layers or strips of material for another purpose, etc.)
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Armor Template
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