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 Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Weapon Template   Weapon Template Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2013 5:46 am

Name: (…)
Type: (Sword, Dagger, Bow and Arrow, etc.  One handed or two handed)
Made from: (What materials, iron, bamboo, etc.)
Weight: (in lbs)
Character Level Requirement: (1, 2, etc.)
Stat Requirements: (Agility or Strength based, Stamina, Mana)
Weapon Level Requirement: (Some higher level swords, axe, etc. require training)
Range: (close – sword length, medium – Staff, Polearm length, Great Swords, long – bow and arrow, throwing weapons)
Damage: (physical damage)
Other Effect: (Bleeding, Poison, Burn)
Weapon’s Health: (3X Damage)
Energy Cost: (each Stamina is equal to 5 Energy Points.  Basic 1 handed weapons cost 1 Energy per swing, 2 handed costs 2 Energy)
Description: (what does it look like – measurements, and details like serrated, etc.)
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Weapon Template
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