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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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Getting Started

For all Classes except Rogue
You walk into the City Streets and there is a recruitment tent, enter to be directed to your proper training area by answering a few questions.
Steal something in the City Streets, doesn't have to be big, pick a pocket or something, you'll see what happens next.

Multiple Topics

You can be in a Max of 3 Topics at the same time, but one is your main playing, this is the one you Quest with.  The others can either be gathering materials, working on jobs, or just sitting in a pub, but they cannot be Questing.  If you encounter a fight in any topic, you can fight even in a topic that isn't your Main.  If you die in any of these, you must stop only that player and go through the motions in Limbo, but your other topics are not affected.  

If you level things in one topic, like your character or a job or weapon, you must stop what you are doing in all topics (no fighting, no gathering, etc.) and post a 'Meeting of the Minds' where you gain on all characters the skills you have learned BUT not any items.  To get items, you must either hand them directly to the other 'you' or put the items in your bank and have the other 'you' withdraw them from the bank.

You must be in the same area (City and travel around it).

If you change your Kingdom, you must immediately leave all topics in your former Kingdom.

Spell and Ability Rules

Click here to see: Spell and Ability Rules

Weapon and Armor Rules

Click here to see: Weapon and Armor Rules

Race Rules

Click here to see: Race Rules

Tattoo Rules

Click here to see: Tattoo Rules

Leveling Rules

Character level is increased by getting Experience from killing and doing Quests.  Each time you level your Character, you get 4 points to put in your Stats wherever you want.

Class Skill Level is done the same way as leveling your Character (through Experience), but if you change your Class, your Character Level stays what it was and your Stats remain, but your new Class level starts back at 1 (this also changes your Premade spells since they are by Class... so make sure you aren't in love with a spell/ability that you will lose and can't get back - since some are for specific Classes only).  To level it back up, you would go by the Experience guide and start at the level 1, so keep track of the different Experiences you have now from Character vs. Class.

You are allowed 500 points to level as your Class, Jobs and Weapons (Magic counts as a Weapon).  Can only go up to 100 points in one thing Max

You can choose to lock something at less than 100 in order to have more (Ex. 100 Class, 100 Herbalist, 100 Wood Crafter, 50 Sword, 50 Axe, 50 Magic, 50 Staff).  Locking or Unlocking a skill we require Admin approval.  But only 1 Class and 2 Jobs allowed at one time, no matter how many points.  (pretty much makes having many weapon types ok)

Weapon and Magic Skill Level is increased by using it.  By finishing your initial training, you will be given a specific amount of points in Weapons/Magic depending on what you chose to train in, the trainer will list your points when you are finished.  After training, every 20 posts of battle (swings of your weapon, casting spells, etc.), attacks, heals, etc. depending on your class.

Leveling Jobs are increased by doing the job, each one is different.  Every 5 posts of doing your job gives you 1 point.  When you are 20 points above a level in a Job, working that particular thing wont give you points anymore (EX. Level 1 Woodcrafter uses Alder, once you reach level 20, Alder no longer gives you a point for working it, you must use your newer materials like Fir.)

Weapon Training Rules and Guide

This is for your initial training in the Training Yard (or elsewhere for Rogue).  This should explain a little better and fill in any questions about what to train and how many points per post, and how to do the training RPing.

Weapon Training Rules and Guide

Fighting Rules

Dodging is an innate ability that you roll with to see how much of an attack you actually dodge, every attack.
100 sided die
1-19 = hit completely
20-39 = dodge 1/4 damage
40-59 = dodge 1/2 damage
60-79 = dodge 3/4 damage
80-100 = dodge completely.  
NPC rolls dodge also with a 6 sided die, 1-5 hit completely, 6=dodge completely (trainers will also roll this in order to be more at your level and show you what fighting will be like later, but if you provoke them, they can bypass this and utilize their full abilities as level 100 characters)

If someone attacked you, you do a Dodge Roll Post before you write out your actual RP post.  Just write Dodge Roll in the post content and do your roll (make sure you mention your agility so as to see if it earns you a higher roll).  Once you know your dodge roll results, you can input that information into your RP post to say what you dodged and how.

You must say what part of the body you are aiming for when attacking.  This is because armor is different on each part of the body.  There is no ‘I have 10 armor chest piece so I get 10 points reduction when you attack my leg’

Decapitation is only possible if the opponent is at 1 Hit Point and you have the opportunity and capability.  But if they have 2 Hit Points and you try, it will not work, they have to have been at 1 Hit Point.

When you have used some Hit Points, Mana, or Energy, every post after either getting hit or using them, until it is full, you get 1 point to put back in either Hit Points, Mana, or Energy.  This is Not your Stat, but used points from damage, spells, or abilities.  It is a slow regeneration until you hit your max.  You choose where to put it, if you are running low on one more than the others.

Loot Rules

If your character can’t or doesn't use it, don’t take it away from someone who can and does (yes a Healer can use a sword if they train in it, but if you have a Knight in your group who wants it… seriously?)

If no one can use it or wants it, the whole group will get an even split of the money from selling it

If there is more than one person who wants and can use an item, you roll 1-100 for it and whoever gets the higher number wins it.  The next item they all want, the person who won the first one, cannot roll for it to give the others fair share.  Sometimes luck isn’t fair and I have decided to take the side of fairness

If there is a debate about an item, admin has the power to take and distribute all loot.

Items can be traded if something else shows up and a trade is welcomed by both parties.

Death Rules

You die when you have 0 hit points.

You are to immediately post in the ‘Limbo’ topic.

The first time you die, you will encounter your patron God, they will 'vouch' for you with the God of Death and you will be told to kill monsters to steal their life-energy.  If you do not have a God at all, then you will encounter the God of Death and he will tell you he needs some population control and you need to gather 3 times your level's worth of life energy in order to resurrect yourself.  This is an exception for Necromancers who have to Enslave the creatures that live in the Limbo with a spell and Scions who have to Cleanse them.

After the first time, you know what to do... so you will not encounter a God.

You cannot die, but you still have to go through the trouble of killing your opponent.  

Each monster in ‘Limbo’ has a set amount of Life-Energy.  You need to kill them to steal as much Energy as your Character Level X2 (Ex. Character Level 1 = 2 points, Character Level 4 = 8 points), except for people who do not have a God at all, they need X3 their Character level.  Their Life-Energy is the same as their Level, so a Level 1 monster will give 1 Life-Energy.

You resurrect at your body with 10% of your max hit points and the same Mana and Stamina points you had when you died.

If you were decapitated, you need to have a person with 100 First Aid either reattach your head, or you need to gather twice the amount of life energy that you would have needed before.  This means 4 times your Character Level.  If you are being resurrected by a player, they repair the decapitation through resurrection.

If you are in a dangerous area and resurrection would result in your immediate death again, you can teleport your body to the nearest friendly town.  But you need to gather twice the amount of Life-Energy that you would have needed before (this means 8 times the amount of your character level if you were Decapitated AND wish to teleport).  You have to post an exit at your body as well as in ‘Limbo’ saying that you are going to a specific town.

No corpse-camping.  No sitting at a dead person's body waiting for them to resurrect just to kill them again.  

You cannot attack someone who has just resurrected until they have either full Hit Points or equal Hit Points as you, this prevents Corpse-Camping.

A Healer can resurrect all character types
A Valkyr can only resurrect those who have died fighting for their life
A Druid can only resurrect animals of their God type and other Druids of their God type
A Beast Master can only resurrect Animals, all kinds
A Scion cannot resurrect, but they Bless the body to require only half of the normal amount of Life-energy
A Necromancer can put a soul back into it's dead body for a set amount of posts.  This will allow them to continue fighting, but after the post limit is out, they will go back to Limbo

Changing Class and Jobs

-Seek approval by posting desired change as a reply to your Approved Character

-Have to have at least 40 points in Class or Job you are getting rid of.

-Can only change 2 at the same time maximum (Class and 1 Job or 2 Jobs)

-Can only change 4 things total (that means you can change your Class and all of your Jobs to be a totally different character once or you can change to try out 5 different Classes and keep all Jobs… or keep your Class and change Jobs to try 6 different ones. (2 starter, 4 changes)

-You may sacrifice your Jobs to get additional Weapons and change your mind to go back to the same Job without it counting as a change.  If you learn a different Job, it will count as a change.

-When changing a Class or Job, you mark which one you want to decrease and which you increase.  For every one point you gain in the new one, 1 point gets deducted from the old one.  You will still be able to use the old one until it is gone, but if you don’t get a point exchange (if you aren't leveling it fast enough) 1 point will be decreased a week from the old one.  You will still be able to get your new one up to 100, but this is to keep you from abusing the system and having more than 2 Jobs or 1 Class at a time; it makes it so that even if you don’t level your new one, your old one will go down automatically.

Changing your Class changes your Premade Spells and Abilities, you will lose Immediately any that were for that Class only (Ex. Scion's Death Buff).  The other Required ones will disappear as you gain the other Class's ones every 10th level.  You may choose to reevaluate all of the ones you had picked and redo your whole list if you want (maybe the new Class has a required Spell that was one you had picked on your own, now you can change it)

Changing Weapons does not count as a change and can be done as many times as desired.

For those who wish to change their Magic Type... only Mages are allowed to have more than one type of Magic, so by changing it, you will start the new one at 1 and the other one will decrease as you level your new one.  Same deductions rules as Job changes.  If you stop training, thinking it will stay at 50/50 each type, it will automatically deduct itself periodically to prevent this.

Different Kingdom Rules

You can change which Kingdom you’re in, but some countries will make you prove yourself and you will always be watched.  You can only change your alliance once.  Some countries will not accept a change; you may be killed for trying.  The country you left will forever have a bounty on your head.

Aamath and Koranti are Allied, so changing between these two is ok, but you can't change back.  

Scali and Tonan are... tolerant of eachother for mutual benefit but aren't really friendly but not hostile.  You can change between these two, but Tonan wont trust you for a while, but they wont kill you either.

Scali will take any people, it's funny for them and more people to help kill their enemies, but you will be watched incase you are a spy.

Aamath and Koranti will accept people from Scali and Tonan, but you will be watched and never get a Quest with secretive information or put in a position of power.

Tonan may accept people from Aamath and Koranti... but they will more than likely accept you only to take any information you can give and then kill you; if you turned traitor to your first Kingdom, you will with us too, and it is better to kill you and banish you elsewhere.  (Scali will be the only one to take you after this)

No socializing between the warring Kingdoms, you are here to try and kill each other, not be friends (unless you change your alliance).  Friendships are allowed between Allied Kingdoms.


Some Quests are in a chain, and it would be a pain to travel back and forth to the Capital every time just to go back.  So there is a magical link that is different between each Kingdom that connects you to your Quest Giver in the Capital.  But sometimes you will have to travel back there anyways, depends on the Quest.

There are also mini-Quests in the different villages, those Quests have their own Quest Giver that will not have a magical link.

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