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Reign of Turmoil

Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Hazastrid WIP

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PostSubject: Hazastrid WIP   Hazastrid WIP Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2015 4:33 pm

Name: Hazastrid Woods
Gender: Female
Race: Half centaur, half dark elf
Age: 85
Birthday: November 3
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 900 lbs
General appearance: Pale skin, dark bay horse body, long black and purple hair, wavy hair. Light blue eyes. full tattoo sleeve on left arm, full lips, pointy elf ears, 3 piercings in each ear
Country affiliation: Scali
Class: Druid
Jobs: Mining and jewelcrafting
Deity: Water Mammal
Magical type(s): Light


Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Magic: 10
Stamina: 10
Health: 10
Motivation: Born and raised in a centaur herd, Hazastrid was raised with strong family values. She watches out for her own and expects the same in return. It is her mission to become leader of the centaurs.

Personality: Hazastrid may come across as cold at first, but she warms up to people she trust but it takes time to earn her trust. She is very protective of her friends and family. She has a warm heart. However, she has a very short fuse and when angered, you'd better steer clear because she will run you over (literally).

History: Hazastrid was raised by her centaur mother. The leader of the herd took her and her mother under his wing. Hazastrid soon became the unwanted step child when her mother gave birth to her twin brothers. They are both full centaurs, making them favored by her stepfather. After being exiled from her herd, Hazastrid has decided to build her strength and her own army, and come back to take leadership of her herd.

RP Sample:
Face claim: (where is your character’s picture from?)
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Hazastrid WIP
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