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 Site and Chatbox Rules

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Site and Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site and Chatbox Rules   Site and Chatbox Rules Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 5:26 pm

Basic Rules

No ERPing. Keep it to PMs

Minimum word count for a post is 75 words, Maximum is 1000

Swearing is allowed, but don’t get excessive with it.

No harassment, sexual, verbal, etc.

User name has to be same as character name, first name or full, doesn’t matter

Cannot use characters/items/spells/abilities prior to approval

Chatbox Rules

No ISMs, Racism, Sexism. There is obvious strife between the countries, but keep it to RP and out of Chatbox

Questions, Conserns, Suggestions, and Issues, PM admins, keep it out of Chatbox

No advertisements in Chatbox

No spamming Chatbox
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Site and Chatbox Rules
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