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Reign of Turmoil

Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Anya Zir WIP

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Anya Zir

Anya Zir

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PostSubject: Anya Zir WIP   Anya Zir WIP Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2015 6:22 pm

Name: Anya Zir
Gender: Female
Race: Half Mermaid, Half Light Elf
Age: 17
Birthday: January 1st
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 125
General appearance:

Dark brown, straight, layered hair goes past her shoulders.  She has a very pretty face with hazel eyes with almost slit-like pupils.  Her ears are from her mermaid mother’s side, higher on her head and not very human looking.  She has a small tentacle coming down below her ears on each side of her head; they almost look like part of her hair depending on how she does it.  A few facial spots on her pale skin and gills along her neck also mark her as mermaid descendant.  She is on the shorter side, being only 5’3”, but her body is toned with curves in the right places.  Her fingers and toes are slightly webbed even on land, but in the water they elongate slightly and the webbing gets larger.

Country affiliation: Scali
Class: Elementalist
Jobs: Bard, Enchanting
Deity: Fish
Magical type(s): Water

Strength: 6
Agility: 10
Magic: 15
Stamina: 9
Health: 10

She gained her mother’s desire for helping people from others who just enjoy people’s pain; it’s one thing to hurt someone who means you harm but to just go out and kill people for the fun of it… Anya doesn’t get how someone could be like that.  She is a little weary of wild mermaids because of what her mother went through, but she knows there are good ones too, just like her mother.  She wants to sing and make people happy and protect her friends and family from harm.

Anya is about 90% happy and cheerful.  She’s easy going, taking most everything in stride, even people’s view of her at first glance.  But when people continue to be bigoted and narrow minded and refuse to even see her as a person and not a monster, that remaining 10% is not very pleasant.  She can be especially mean to people who enjoy other’s pain.  She’s not above using her magic to mess with their lives and ruin them, their relationships, or their finances.  She once made a jerk of a man fall in love with her so she could get him to drain his bank account on her (which she gave to the woman he’d knocked up but refused to marry or claim the child as his).  When he woke up from her enchantment he tried to kill her but the guards put him in jail.  

Anya’s mother, Shani was from a clan of merfolk that passionately enjoyed luring people into the ocean and killing them, Shani on the other hand, did not.  Trying to talk them into a new way of living was a waste of her breath, so when she could, she would save people in secret.  Her sister caught her rescuing a young man from them during an attack and brought her before her family’s leader, her own mother.  Showing no remorse or regard for her own daughter’s life, she sentenced her to death as a traitor.  They brought her to a small island, just big enough for a small hut.  There, they locked her in a wooden box half full with dampened salt, pouring more over her naked body.  The salt would draw out the moisture in her body and she would dry up and die, slowly.  

The man she had rescued saw them take her away and knew they would kill her so he stayed hidden and followed them at a great distance to the island.  It took 3 days before her family left their guard posts and he could sneak onto the island and get her out.  Pouring fresh water over her, rinsing the salt away, he could see the way the salt had burned her flesh and she was severely dehydrated but still alive.  He tried to put her back in the ocean so she could swim away but the salt water was too much for her burns to take.  He put her on his small boat and rowed them away.  It wasn’t until he was home and she was in a fresh water tub feeling better that he introduced himself as Warrick Zir, a Water Mage.  

Finding each other very interesting, in who and what they were, they started a symbiotic relationship of living together, trading knowledge and companionship which slowly turned into love.  Anya’s mother never liked going back into salt water after her ordeal, so Warrick moved them to a house on a lake so she could swim whenever she wanted.  Two years later Anya was born.  

Anya gained both her mother and father’s love of water, all water.  Most mermaids stayed in salt water but living where she did and with her mother’s aversion to salt water, she appreciated it wherever it was.  She had a fairly happy childhood, a couple true friends that saw more than how different she looked and realized she was a person too and not some evil mermaid that was going to eat them.  Her mother taught her all about mermaids, the good and bad.  It served as a warning on how evil their culture can be and a lesson on how wonderful mermaid gifts could be if used for good.  

A few times in her adolescence she messed up her magic and made a few boys enthralled with her by using magic while singing, she learned quickly that that love didn’t last and the boys would hate her afterwards for taking away their freewill, even if it was an accident.  So for a bit of her life she didn’t sing at all, fearing what could happen, but as she grew up her desire to sing started to overwhelm her.  She needed to train herself so that accidents wouldn’t happen and she could sing with passion, as long as she didn’t infuse it with magic.  

Anya turned 17 and decided it would be a good time to see more of the world and let her parents have some time to themselves; they were hopeless romantics and there was only so much kissy faces and lovey eyes a teenager could take.  Besides, she wanted to earn some money singing and her parents weren’t about to pay her, and her small town village was used to her singing for free.  She knew there was trouble lately with the state of the world, she’d heard whispers of war, but she figured with the little amount of magic her father had taught her and the magic she was born with as a part mermaid, she would be ok until she trained some more.

RP Sample:
It was the first time she would sing for this many people all at once and she was petrified.  A 13 year old Anya was standing on the small platform stage at the local pub, at least 40 people were waiting for her to start, her parents in the back mouthing that it would be all right.  What if she accidently slipped and used magic?  What would happen if the entire town turned on them for her mistake when they woke up from her spell?  She was so scared but also knew that she needed to sing more to be better at holding her magic in check, and so far she hadn’t had a slip up in over a month at home, it was time.
She opened her mouth and her slightly husky alto voice emerged in a song.  It was a town favorite, a song of a sailor counting the days until he was home with his woman.  It had a decently fast pace, the kind of song people get up and dance to, but no one was dancing and Anya was starting to worry again.  Even though she loved singing so much, it could be such a double edged sword.
As the song drew to a close, the crowd suddenly was cheering and clapping for her.  *Oh crap! Did I do it again?!* she thought to herself, quickly looking at her parents.  They were beaming smiles at her, her mother mouthing it was good, she was good and that’s why they were cheering, not because they were enthralled with her.  Relieve poured over her, as well as pure joy: she could sing!  And her singing didn’t always result in bad things happening!  
It was time for the regular band to play (Anya was secretly pleased to note they didn’t seem as happy as they were before now that they had to follow her song) and she stepped down.  She couldn’t wait to get back up there again.

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Anya Zir WIP
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