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 A Cat's Curiosity

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Tokani Mae

Tokani Mae

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PostSubject: A Cat's Curiosity   A Cat's Curiosity Icon_minitimeWed Dec 18, 2013 9:44 pm

Her adoptive mother had told her that she needed an outlet for her energy and spirit and that she should head here to be put to use before she got into mischief. Truthfully Tokani wouldn't have minded a little mischief, what was wrong with that? A cat always liked to play with it's food... it was natural. Her adoptive mother had seemed sad to see her go, but happy to see her moving on in life.

But did the city have to be so darn BIG?? Tokani felt as out of place in this big city as she had the first town her feline mother left her in. She would get lost immediately if she didn't have such a good sense of direction. But she still wanted to climb somewhere high and see the layout... but she'd been told that wasn't lady-like and not to do it where others could see her, such a downer.

Seeing a sign that read 'Recruitment', Tokani figured maybe she should start here to see what she could do to ease her boredom and be helpful at the same time. She wanted to learn so much more and maybe she could do that here.

((Exit to Recruitment Tent))
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A Cat's Curiosity
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