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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Different Classes

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PostSubject: Different Classes   Different Classes Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 6:48 pm

All Classes get one form of Worldly Magic (Mage gets two)

All Classes get a God, Valkyr have the God of Battle, Scions have the Goddess of Peace, Necromancers have the God of Death, Druids and all other Classes get an Animal God (Druids get more power from their God though)

You don't HAVE to have Magic or a God if you don't want to... (depending on your Class, obviously a Mage needs Magic and a Druid needs a God)... but its a free Buff with the God (and less work in Limbo to resurrect yourself) and even as a Knight or Barbarian you can use Magic, maybe not much since you probably wont put many points in your Magic Stat... but you can if you want to.

Read about the Types of Magic and the Different Animal Gods in their own descriptions after deciding your Class.


Times of need have given way to not taking only Noble born children to train as a Knight. All ages are welcome and all economic stations, as long as they can handle the training. You can be kicked out for behavior since a Knight is to uphold the law while keeping Justice for the lower classes in mind (Not the case in Tonan where ALL you do is uphold the law and obey your Emperor without question). A Knight is the voice and arm of their ruler.  

Only the first Knight in each Kingdom gets trained by an NPC when they are a Squire, but once you are Knighted... you are Obligated to play that part if another Knight in training shows up.  So finish your Quest and get back to town, pick up your Squire and train him the same way you were trained.

Class Specific Bonus
Boost to sword damage (+1 Damage for every 10 points Sword Skill Level).


They know how to kill and little more. The camp set ups are half-assed and a mess, the food is just enough to pass while the ale runs heavy. They are ruled by each individual Clan they are from, supervised by the King. Trained just enough to kill, Barbarians are sent out to do what they do best, fight. Continuing their training through battles, they gain a very life-or-death mentality and fighting style.

Class Specific Bonus
Boost to Axe Damage (+1 damage for every 10 points in Axe Skill Level)


Men and women devoted to the God of Battle, Valkyr are fighters who have been endowed with Magic beyond the norm. Trained by Holy Men/Women and a Knight. Through Prayer, they gain the ability to channel the God’s power through them. This means they can redirect anything that took Mana before to use their Energy (this makes it so they wont need as much Magic Stat and can buff up their Stamina).  They obey their God above all else, but their second Master is their Kingdom’s ruler. They have the ability to resurrect only those who have died fighting for their lives in battle (no assassinations or executions, falling off a cliff, etc.).

Class Specific Bonus
Boost to armor defense; +1 point for each whole arm, leg, head, chest piece, back piece, and shield every 10 Character level (+1 at Level 1, +2 at Level 10, +3 at level 20, etc.).

(Will be able to use 1 Healing Spell (PreMade or made by themselves), not including their Resurrection.)


A fighter for Hire, typically Melee fighting. They work solo or in a group who takes contracts to fight for others (Ex. Not enough Knights and Army to defend the border, Hire out a Mercenary Group). For those who do not wish to devote their lives to obeying their King and Queen, but will obey a Leader (or be one) who likes money just as much as they do.

Class Specific Bonus
Boost to Polearm Damage (+1 Damage for every 10 points in a Polearm Skill Level)


Specialized long distance fighter using a Bow and Arrows or Crossbow. Learning to use different arrows and types of Bows/Crossbows. Their range, aim, and damage are better than any other Class who picks up a Bow, even if the other class has 100 points in Bow and Arrow Skill Level, depending on an Archer’s level (An Archer’s Bow Skill will be stronger at 100 than any other Class with Bow Skill at 100).

Class Specific Bonus
Bonus damage to Bow and Arrow/Crossbow (+1 Damage for every 10 points in Bow and Arrow/Crossbow Skill Level)

Beast Master

Usually a solo person who likes it that way, but not unheard of to see in small groups. Keeping to the company of animals, they learn the behaviors of many different types. Studying and living with the animals gives a Beast Master an insight into their minds and traits. A Beast Master uses this insight to tame animals. These animals will work for a Beast Master with love and devotion. As a Beast Master gets to a higher level, he can sell the animals to others for profit… but that is rare since they don’t usually trust others to care for the animals the way they would. They have the ability to resurrect Tamed Animals, theirs or other’s.

Class Specific Bonus
Bonus of +1 point to Agility every even level starting at level 2, 4, 6, etc. and you get 5 points to Hunting automatically (if you don’t want it, it can be taken away without counting as a change if you haven’t used or leveled it).


Working with stealth, they work alone or in small groups. You must join the Thieves Guild in order to do your work without treading on other’s turf, a transgression punishable by death to the Thieves Guild. Higher level Rogues have been known to be used as Spies. A Rogue must prove themselves to the Thieves Guild and reach Rogue Class Level 5 in order to get additional specialized training as an Assassin. Specialized with daggers and throwing weapons, they get bonus to those weapons' damage.

Class Specific Bonus
+1 Damage for every 10 points in Daggers and Throwing Weapons Skill Level. Also a bonus to Poison Damage on a poisoned weapon: +1 point of poison damage for all duration posts.


Seeking more and more power, a group of magic users discovered a way to possess more than one type of Worldly Magic, these were Mages. The Gods were angered by the Mages greed and limited their power almost completely to offensive spells, cutting off most all Healing spells or Buffs. Mages can use two different types of Worldly Magic.  Mages have to have something of their Magic types with them though, some water they carry or a pond nearby, or a torch for fire or create friction to make fire, etc. (except Air since it is always there).  There are limits to an Air Mage's levitation abilities: see Levitation Limits for more information

Class Specific Bonus
A Mage gets a boost of 1 point in damage for every 10 points in their Magic Skill (Ex. For every 10 points in Magic, you get +1 damage on an attack spell).

(Will be able to use 1 Healing (PreMade or made by themselves) and 1 Buff/DeBuff (PreMade or made by themselves))


There was once a young man who was obsessed with death, wanting to know it's secrets.  Where did those creatures in Limbo come from and what were they, who ruled that place, was there times where you could not come back through resurrection, these were questions that plagued him.  Until one day he was digging up a grave, trying to discover a reason as to why this man hadn't resurrected, when he was suddenly dead and in Limbo.  He hadn't felt any attack that could have killed him, and he was in good health, so why had he died?  Standing in Limbo, he realized he'd been brought before a cloaked figure, as big as a small castle, seated upon a throne and surrounded by level 100 creatures from Limbo that no one wanted to face.  

"You have been trespassing in my territory quite often lately and now you defile graves, what do you want?" asked this giant God hidden in shadows, it's voice both male and female, a whisper but a shout.  Terrified he'd found something he should never have found, he gathered up his courage and answered truthfully, "To know the secrets of this Realm."  Silence followed his comment, and he feared he'd caused even greater insult to a being he should never have crossed.  

"I am the God of Death, and few wish to know of me.  If you devote yourself, your life, your death, and your afterlife to me and my teachings, I shall grant you the knowledge you wish and powers no other has had in 6 hundred years."  

Holding out it's hand, the young man could see no solid form, but it was there all the same, seeming to be a cloak of dark mist forming the body.  He reached out to touch the hand offered to him, agreeing to the terms, it was everything he'd ever wanted, no way would he pass this up.  Upon contact, he was transported back to the cemetery, alive again and with months worth of knowledge in his head, with the words 'Return to a cemetery when you wish to learn more.'

A Necromancer is a devotee of the God of Death who has died in the Temple of the God of Death or a cemetery and made a deal with the God of Death.  They are summoners of the occupants of Limbo and manipulators of Life Energy and life itself.  Through their Buff, they can drain Hit Points out of someone/thing they touch or the very ground they walk on (provided it is not just dirt/rock/sand) and convert it to themselves.  To place it elsewhere (like a comrade) will require a spell.  To summon a creature from Limbo, you use Mana and a small amount of your Hit Points as your sacrifice.  You must also have captured and Enslaved the creature you wish to summon before hand.

Necromancers cannot really resurrect their comrades, but they can put a soul back in its body for a certain number of posts depending on the Necromancer's level.  So they can keep fighting, they will feel only half the pain from wounds but they will not die from them since they are already at 0 Hit Points, unless decapitated.   (You're a freakin zombie with a brain...) and they will fall dead again when the time runs out.  Can only be cast on friendly targets who are no more than 5 Class levels higher than the Necromancer.

When a Necromancer dies, instead of killing Limbo creatures to get back Life Energy, they have to Enslave the creatures by casting a spell on them when they are almost dead.  They have to Enslave enough to equal the Life Energy that they need to Rez themselves out.

Class Specific Bonus
For every creature they have Summoned from Limbo or for every person they have cast 'Raise the Dead' on, that are still present (haven't been killed or sent back to Limbo) they will get +1 to his/her Magical Damage X whatever that creature's level is (if he has 10 lvl 1 creatures = +10, if he has 4 lvl 3 creatures = +12, if he has 1 lvl 20 creature = +20)

(Will be able to use 1 Healing Spell (PreMade or made by themselves))


A magic user specialized in Healing spells. Can use only one type of Worldly Magic, but gain knowledge of a person’s body and the Magic within it. A body wants to be in good shape, without wounds. By learning how a body is put together and how it works, you can tap into a body’s own Magic and repair damage done and anything that puts a body out of its top condition. They have the ability to resurrect all people. Healing for magical damage, physical damage, disease, poison, etc.

Class Specific Bonus
Through the use of a Staff, a Healer gains a greater ability to heal. For every 10 points in Staff Skill Level, they can heal 5 extra Hit Points above their chosen healing spell.

(Will be able to use 1 Attack Spell (like a Fire Bolt or something - Premade or made by themselves) (Not including any offensive spells/abilities that have to do with using a person's body systems negatively) and 1 Buff/DeBuff, (same rules as the Attack Spell limit))


Scions have one type of worldly Magic, and Magic channeled through a Goddess. They are devoted to the Goddess of Peace. Scions are trained by Holy Men/Women and a Mage. Through Prayer, they gain the ability to channel the Goddess’s power through them. This means they can redirect anything that took Energy before to their Mana (this makes it so they wont need as much Stamina Stat and can buff up their Magic Stat). Specialized in Buff and DeBuff Spells. Scions cannot resurrect people, but they can bless a deceased’s body to require half the amount of life-energy that would normally be needed to resurrect themselves (a level one person dies and needs 2 life-energy to resurrect themselves, with a Scion’s blessing, you require 1.

Class Specific Bonus
A Scion gets a special boost through jewelry bless by the Goddess. They are allowed to wear one additional Blessed piece every 5 Class Levels and each piece gives you either 1 point in Magic or Stamina Stat (and any bonuses that a gem may already give... but gems are not needed to make jewelry).  You can wear all the jewelry you want, but only so many can be Blessed at a time depending on your Class Level.

(Will be able to use 1 Attack Spell (PreMade or made by themselves) and 1 Healing spell (PreMade or made by themselves))


A Little on Animal vs. Humanoid Gods and being Devoted or just under your God's guidance/protection
All Classes can pick a God to follow under, but not everyone is fully devoted. A Valkyr is devoted to the God of Battle, a Scion is devoted to the Goddess of Peace, a Necromancer is devoted to the God of Death, and a Druid is devoted to a specific Animal God. Only Valkyr, Scions, and Necromancers worship a humanoid God, all other classes pick an Animal God. By doing so, they are given some power. By calling on their God, they gain a specific Buff to something (doing this will cost some Energy or Mana, calling upon a God's power is too much for a person's body to handle without taking some). Each God does something different: a boost to Agility, Strength, Defense, etc. For Animal Gods, in addition to your boost, a Small amount of your appearance will change: you may grow fangs or claws, or dog ears and tail. But this change is Very small, not anything so far as a half and half being. A Druid is the only Class that can transform more and gain more of a boost.

Now for more on Druids
Through prayer and deeds of service, they gain a God’s favor, and are endowed with magical power. They pick one species of animal, and are given the ability to transform into any type of animal from that Species (Ex. Feline. Can be a Siamese, Lion, Panther, etc. Ex. Canine. Can be a Poodle, Great Dane, Wolf, etc.). Each Full transformation gives completely different stats form their original for fighting +25% of their own stats

A Druid can also do half transformations at a higher Druid Level (50), meaning they can become something like a Werewolf, or Harpy, or Mermaid, etc. It takes a lot of skill to channel a God's power and limit it at the same time, that is why it is a higher level's ability.  With a half transformation, the change in stats is that they keep their own stats and add the Animal's stats to it, giving them a double stat.  Regardless of appearance, they are not the same as the Mythical Beast they may look like, a Druid is a different being and a Mythical Beast will usually know better than to think a Druid is one of them.

When they change forms, the armor disappears but the effect remains and when they change back, it is still on their body. They are able to resurrect any animal under their Deity and other Druids of the same type.

Class Specific Bonus
Even not transformed by a Buff, a Druid gets the points from the Animal Deity Buff, but transformed by the Buff, they get a Double Buff from their Animal Deity Buff compared to other Classes that have chosen the same God.


Monks are people who are searching for balance and justice form evil things.  Some monks were very bad people and now are repenting for past deeds, some have merely seen evil deeds and wish to change the world, and some are trained by other monks to value life above all else.  You probably wont find many Monks in Tonan following such a morally corrupt Emperor, but there may be a few trying to right the wrongs at the source.  They fight for justice but try not to harm and kill when not necessary.  They are both an offensive and defensive Class.

Class Specific Bonus
Boost to Hand to Hand Damage (+1 Damage for every 10 points in a Hand to Hand Skill Level)

Elementalists are magic users who have become so engrossed in one specific Element that they can use it to its fullest means without having to have some of the Element with them; no need to carry water or fire with them (after they get an ability that becomes a Passive ability once they have it).  Where a Mage with Air may be able to levitate slightly or lift some objects depending on weight, only an Air Elementalist can fly easily through the sky and have no limits (nothing farther than 120' regardless of weight is the only limit... and really... what do you need to go farther than that?).  

Unlike Mages who are Attack only, Elementalists can use Defense, Healing, and any Buffs/DeBuffs that seem plausible with their Element (not healing like a healer or buffs like a priest, it has to work with the element like... using Water to purify the blood of poisons or something, make it up as you go).  But unlike Mages who get two magic types, Elementalists are only able to use one of the 4 main Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  No Light, Dark, Nature)  

Class Specific Bonus
Elementalist gets a boost of 1 point in Damage/Heal/Buff/DeBuff for every 10 points in their Magic Skill (Ex. A Fire Elementalist - For every 10 points in Magic, you get +1 damage on a Fire Blast). (there may be exceptions to this or additions, so please talk to an admin for any questions)

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Different Classes
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