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 Tokani Mae

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Tokani Mae

Tokani Mae

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PostSubject: Tokani Mae   Tokani Mae Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 8:24 pm

Name: Tokani Mae
Gender: Female
Race: Half Human, Half Light Elf
Age: 20
Birthday: unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
General appearance: She has long dark chestnut colored hair and slightly pale skin.  Her eyes are what most people notice about her though, they are a pale Silver-Gray color.  She is very beautiful with full lips and smooth skin.  Her Human side gave her a more toned build than most Light Elfs, but she kept a Light Elf's lean form and height.  She has tatoos and markings on her body that are marks of her God, on her shoulders, wrists, and on half of her face.  
Country affiliation: Aamath
Class: Druid
Jobs: Cooking, Leatherworking
Deity: Feline
Magical type(s): Air
Strength: 7
Agility: 14
Magic: 7
Stamina: 11
Health: 11
Motivation: She's a very free spirited person due to how she was raised, but she also knows what people are like when they take advantage or hurt the weak... and she doesn't like it.  Survival of the fittest is one thing, but people should know better since they think themselves so far above animals, but they were the lowest in her mind.  At least the ones who robbed, raped, and murdered for the fun of it.  At least the animals kill for food and not sport.  Because of this, she has a strong desire to protect and get even with bad people.  As long as she can take a cat nap and enjoy herself in the process.  
Personality: She is just like a cat.  She's wild and free spirited.  She wants attention when she wants it but don't try to pick her up when she doesn't or you may get scratched.  She's playful and fun loving, and very loyal, but she's deadly serious in a fight, going for the kill at all times.  She likes to play fight with people a lot.  Stroke her head and back and she'll practically purr since she loves physical contact, and she may seem to be a little bit forward, hugging people she just met who she likes.  But if you put off a bad aura, she'll be like a cat with her hair standing up and practically hissing at you.  She likes honesty and rightfulness, and severely dislikes liars and people trying to hurt the weak.
Born to a Human father and a Light Elf mother, they lived as Light Elves in the forest but not in a community, just by themselves.  When Tokani was a little over a year old, her mother had a bad feeling.  Being a Nature User, she could feel the palntlife around them being destroyed by something coming their way.  Out a window, she could just see a giant serpent coming toward the house.  It had sensed the heat of living things and was hungry.  Knowing it would follow them if they tried to run, they knew they had to fight.  Putting the baby in a basket, she put it on a tree banch and used her magic to raise it high above their heads and spread the branches out away from where they were.  Despite their best efforts, neither Magic nor weapons could save the couple from being killed by this high level monster.  Satisfied by the meal, and not noticing such a small life, the snake left their home and returned to where it came from.  

Sitting in her basket, it took a full day of her crying to draw out a Leopard.  It climbed the tree, a perilous journey considering how high and far out she was.  But it was a newly pregnant cat, and took pity on a baby and grabbing it by the back of her clothes, lifted her out of the basket and carried her down the tree.  This leopard took Tokani home, and raised her as her own, never reglecting her even after her babies were born, she became Mama to Tokani, and a replacement for the mother she could never remember.  Tokani was part of the family and not to be eaten.  

Due to her raising... Tokani never knew human speach except what she'd been able to say as a baby which was only Mama and Dada.  But she quickly learned about the ways of cats, what they were saying with their movements, their noises, their eyes.  She knew she was loved, and even though she knew she was different, they didn't treat her as such.  She would always be found play fighting with the kittens, with an occasional scratch or bite, but she learned how to give as well as she took.  

When she had been with her family for about 13 years, she realized that her adoptave mother was getting old and couldn't keep up as easily.  Her mother realized this as well.  Tokani was still so young as far as humans/elfs went that her mother knew she still needed someone to take care of her when she died.  Her mother brought her to a village, miles away from where they lived.  Pushing Tokani toward these strange sounding people who looked like her.  She said goodbye to her daughter as a cat would, and pushed her again, telling her she needed to go with these people from now on.  Her mother then vanished back into the forest.

A young couple saw this ragged looking teenager at the edge of the village, looking so lost and scared.  When Mia and Gus, as they were named, tried to talk to her she didn't understand, as they approached she flinched, ready to flee... but her mother had left her here and surely she wouldn't have left her in a dangerous place.  She let the couple lead her to their house, clean her up, and dress her.  They named her and then started her lessons on life as a person and not a cat.  They taught her words and the meanings of things.  Proper eating and behaviour were the hardest to learn for her, she wanted to run and play like she always had, but she wasn't allowed to unless she finished her lessons firsrt.  She was a quick study and learned quickly.  Learning what she was and what Mama had been, she still didn't see it as strange but she stopped telling these people that, they obviously thought it was and wouldn't listen to her about it since what did she know.  They were kind to her though.  They grew to love her and made sure she didn't want for anything that a normal girl could... or should... have.  They were still worried though when they could see the wildness in her that didn't want to be stopped, worried about what kind of life she would have if she couldn't curb her cat instincts.

Through her speaking about how many winter season had passed, she'd learned she was probably about 14 by this time, and she was beautiful.  The boys would go crazy trying to get her, until they realized she could and would fight them if they tried to touch her when she didn't want it.  Local boys started to learn better, but strangers had to learn the hard way.  When she was 16, she couldn't take the lack of freedom anymore, and as much as she loved her new family, she told them she wanted more.  Promising to come back every once in a while, she left them in search for the ability to live life her way.  She knew by this time her Leopard Mama was probably dead, but it was the way of life and Mama wouldn't want to be mourned.  

She has since then, been wandering around, doing whatever she wanted to and not taking any crap from anyone.  She still longs for companionship like she had with her cat family, the closeness and warmth, but she isn't willing to take it on anyone else's terms than hers.  She would see people acting like hyenas and bullys, those people she would have to set right, but she needed more power to do so.  One day she met a traveler who she felt a connection with, it turned out to be a Druid of the Cat God.  She told her what it meant to be a Druid, and what she had to do to become one.  Tokani followed the woman to a temple, and swore her allegience to the Cat God, back to the family she had missed.  In her dream that night, she met the Cat God, and her Mama was by the God's side.  The God told her many things, that he/she had been watching her, and was glad to have her become a part of the family again.  She woke from her dream with tears in her eyes and she was smiling, she was home again.  
RP Sample:
"Come down here this instant young lady!"  Mia yelled at her, trying to hold back her anger but it wasn't working.  Tokani was trying to skip her lessons again and this was the fourth time today!  Tokani could just barely be seen in a tree above the house, glaring down at Mia and growling.  *Like i want to sit inside for the entire day! Ha, yea right!  Blue sky and gentle breeze here I come!* Tokani thought to herself.  She was so very bored and her head was hurting again from being stuck inside.  She was trying to enjoy the weather but Mia wasn't going to let her.  Tokani looked down at her again and growled, *Leave me alone!*

"You know she hates being inside so much, maybe we can finish the lessons outside if she promises to come down."  That was good ol' Gus, the calm one who would try to make it so everyone was happy.  Mia could be that way too but she was at the end of her rope trying to keep this girl-child in clothes let alone inside the house.  "Fine!  Come down and we can finish your lessons outside, JUST for today!" Mia finally conceded, seeing she wouldn't be able to get Tokani down even if she wanted to unless she baited her with what she really wanted.  Tokani heard this and was so happy she jumped down from branch to branch, barely making sure she was not in a freefall.  She landed on the ground with a thud and looked up happily.  From this point on, almost all her lessons were outside unless the weather didn't allow.
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Neat back story! C:
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