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 Experience Guide to Character and Class Leveling

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Experience Guide to Character and Class Leveling Empty
PostSubject: Experience Guide to Character and Class Leveling   Experience Guide to Character and Class Leveling Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 8:57 pm

This is to Level your Character and Class, not your Jobs or your Weapons.

Monsters and Animals to kill will give you as much XP as their Level (Level 3 monster gives 3 XP). This is except Boss level monsters which have twice the Hit Points as normal and give 1.5 XP compared to their Level rounded up to the nearest whole number. Meaning Level 5 Boss gives 7.5 rounded up to 8 points of XP.

If you change your Class, your Character Level stays what it was and your Stats remain, but your new Class level starts back at 1

Formula: level 1 X 10, and increase the number you Times by 5 for each level to find what XP you need to turn the next level. 2X15 to reach lvl 3, 3X20 to reach lvl 4, etc.

1X10 = 10 XP to hit lvl 2
2X15 = 30 XP to hit lvl 3
3X20 = 60 XP to hit lvl 4
4X25 = 100 XP to hit lvl 5
5X30 = 150 XP to hit lvl 6
6X35 = 210 XP to hit lvl 7
7X40 = 280 XP to hit lvl 8
8X45 = 360 XP to hit lvl 9
9X50 = 450 XP to hit lvl 10
10X55 = 550 XP to hit lvl 11
11X60 = 660 XP to hit lvl 12
12X65 = 780 XP to hit lvl 13
13X70 = 910 XP to hit lvl 14
14X75 = 1050 XP to hit lvl 15

(More to come when there are Characters at this level)

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Experience Guide to Character and Class Leveling
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