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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Scali's Story

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PostSubject: Scali's Story   Scali's Story Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2013 3:25 am

King Kai Mclean is the King over 4 different clans with their own individual borders, often fighting amongst themselves more than other nations.  No Queen or Heirs.

Clan O'Connel - Allied with Clan McGregor, at War with Clan Sinclair, Indifferent to Clan Mackenzie

Clan McGregor - Allied with Clam O'Connel, at War with Clan Mackenzie, Indifferent with Clan Sinclair

Clan Sinclair - Allied with Clan Mackenzie, at War with Clan O'Connel, Indifferent to Clan McGregor

Clan Mackenzie - Allied with Clan Sinclair, at Warr with Clan McGregor, Indifferent to Clan O'Connel

Climate and Terrain
Harsh cold climate.  Summers in the 70-80’s for 2 months of rainy weather.  Fall and Spring are rainy and cold.  6 months of winter, roads blocked to mass-travel for 4 months.

Scali's Way of Life
King Kai McLean had not had an easy life by anyone’s standards. Scali was a land of tough people and tougher terrain. His father was the longest standing King (20 years) in a land that had assassinations usually before any ruler could even have a chance to help the people. The father Colin McLean, mother Jane, and sister Kara were all killed in the assassination when Kai was 6 years old. Kai was saved but his face was heavily scarred, so much so that he wears a mask all the times; no one is known to even know what he looks like anymore. 15 years have gone past since the killings and Kai is the youngest King in their history but he is much loved due to his willingness to listen to and help out even the most common of commoners.

People from Scali live in small villages throughout their Clan’s territory. They work hard and they play harder. Music and dance is heard throughout the villages after darkness falls. The local pub is the largest building in the village, and at least half of the community is there getting drunk after a hard day.

Through small insults, intentional or misunderstandings, there is at least one feud going on between different Clans at all times. King Kai stays out of these conflicts as much as he can, if he picked sides between the Clans he would have that Clan and all their allies move against him and the assassination attempts would triple overnight.

The people of Scali may seem less cultured than other countries, but they take care of their own. The winters are so harsh that travel outside of each village is nearly impossible, so each small community is very close. Due to the harsh mountainous land, crops are hard to grow so they found alternative ways to supplement their supplies: raiding. They take small bands of fighters and travel to the borders of Aamath and Koranti and raid the villages. They honestly try not to kill the people if it can be helped (if they kill everyone, the village wont have anyone there to raid again later), but their food, animals, and money are up for grabs. They also have a decent pirating business in the water. All spoils go to the capital and are divided up to every village (regardless of feud), with a higher percent going to the group that did the raid as a bonus for their hard work.

This 21 year old king is fair to all but not weak with decisions once made; his word is rule. Though slender, he is deceptively strong and a very skilled fighter. He is usually found in the training yard fighting against larger people or groups of fighters. His father’s advisers, now his, respect and obey him without wavering, they see in him the caring nature of his mother but the stern strength of his father. They know him to be someone that can lead this kingdom into a better life. Their only wish for him was that he would marry and gain an heir but he had no desire to rush into that and dedicated his time and energy to making the kingdom a better place.

When secret messengers came from Tonan, a kingdom far to the south, offering a way to expand Scali to the south and gain some of their fertile land, King Kai debated it. But seeing it as a good opportunity, so long as they watched their back, he decided it was worth it. Scali was now allied with Tonan in a war against Aamath and Koranti, they would raid and battle it out at the north and Tonan from the South.
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Scali's Story
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