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 Aamath's Story

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PostSubject: Aamath's Story   Aamath's Story Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2013 2:54 am

King Walcha Tyne– brother of Koranti’s queen, Queen Lamphere, Heir – Prince Joret 1 year old

Climate and Terrain
Same climate as Koranti
Koranti on the east.  Tonan on the SE side.  Coast on SW, W and NW corner.  Scali on NE border

Aamath’s Way of Life
King Walcha of Aamath was the third born of three siblings.  The eldest prince died before he could ascend to the throne when he was 15, leaving his Sister to bear a Royal burden of marriage for politics.  Being the third born, he hadn’t been trained since birth to be the new King, and as such, he was freer to see the way the country was from a different perspective.  He witnessed the anger that the Commoners, Merchants, and Farmers had for the Nobility but wasn't sure of it's extent or the cause.  He knew that he had the obedience of the Nobility but there was such distrust and hatred between them and the Common folk that he was hard pressed to find a solution.

Hearing about disputes, fights and battles really, some of the Nobility were having with the lower class people, he sent out informants and spies to figure out what was going on and who was leading what was being considered a revolt.  Some time went by before he learned that a woman was leading the common people as a militia against the Nobility that was taxing them triple what the law stated.  Triple taxes was more than they could handle, and when they couldn't pay they were evicted or imprisoned.  Curious about what kind of woman could lead so many people against the Nobility, he went to see for himself in disguise.  He would deal with the Nobility breaking his laws while he figured out who she was.

There was a town on the edge of a corrupt Baron's land that his spies had told him was where she based her operation at.  Walking in was dangerous for him, but he wanted to know, and being raised a third child, he usually did what he wanted when he wanted to.  The tavern turned silent as he walked in, not a good sign, so he figured he might as well go all out.  "I want to speak to your leader...  Please."  He didn't expect much, either they'd attack him for being Nobility or ransom or kill him for being the New King and being unable to control his Nobility's bad habits (which he didn't even know about until he'd heard about the rebellion).  A man waved him to a back table, guards obviously making sure no one got too close.  He was checked for weapons before allowed any closer.  

Now that he was allowed close enough, he saw a young beautiful woman in the candlelight.  She had such intelligence in her eyes he was caught offguard.  She was studying him, seeing through him and learning things about him in a glance that his closest friends wouldn't even know.  And in that moment... inspiration hit him... it could have been love... but he liked to think that his brain did the thinking even if it wasn't true.  "I have a proposition... a proposal... for you," he started.  "Marry me, and we will rid Aamath of all it's corruption within a year."

Silence followed his statement.  He could feel the rage and shock from her guards, but she showed no emotion or change of demeaner.  "Who are you to think I would want to marry you, or that you are powerful enough to fix this Kingdom so quickly?" she said sarcasticly.  Her voice was music to him, even full of scorn as it was.  "Will you promise not to kill me if I tell you?" he smiled slightly.  "Probably not, but we don't promise not to kill you without knowing who you are."  God she was good, smart and sassy and a born leader as every man and woman in this tavern was backing her up in this.  "I guess I have no choice then.  My name is Walcha Tyne, and I've been recently crowned King of Aamath."

Shock and rage did follow this statement.  The people wanted his head for being the head of the snake that was bleeding them dry.  "I am just finding out the state of this Kingdom's corruption, and it will be changed regardless of your answer... But I want you... and I think the trust of the people would make this country a better place for all.  I do not have that trust, you do.  I have the obedience of the Nobility.  Together we can fix this Kingdom, and within a year as I have said."  Hopefully that made enough sense that it would save his head.  

So far she had yet to show much but a glimpse of surprise when he told her who he was... but she already knew and was merely surprised that he'd actually admitted it the tavern full of people didn't like him much.  She had been proposed to by many men in her time, she was quite beautiful... but her strong personality usually sent them running for cover as soon as she opened her mouth.  This man wasn't even daunted by her personality, in fact seemed to want it... this was a first for her.  Being wanted not just for her appearance but for who she was was a nice feeling.  And the leader in her wanted to do anything to save her people the kind of pain that could be avoided if she agreed.  "Show me you are serious and I will think about it.  Stop this Baron Giqwa's taxation in one week and make him refund the last years worth of over taxation to all his tenants... and maybe."

He smiled so happily he looked like a little boy.  "You have a deal!  I will come back here in one week expecting a possitive answer!"  He practically skipped out of the tavern before he turned back around, "... What is your name Lady?"  That might be needed to be known for his future bride.  This question she did laugh at, "Lamphere Skya."  With that she waved her hand, dismissing him as if he wasn't the King of her home Kingdom.  He didn't take offense, she was a strong woman, a woman strong enough to handle life at Court with the backstabbing and politics.  

A week later, he showed up as promised, and the townsfolk had a different welcome for him than before.  He'd done as promised and returned the last years worth of over taxation within a week, and the Baron hadn't been seen lately, he was probably in his home hiding from this King who meant business.  Lamphere was sitting at the same table, waiting for him.  "As promised, I have returned after achieving my task.  What have you say, will you marry me and fix the rest of this Kingdom's problems with me, by my side.  I will not treat you as subordinate to me, you would be a partner to my life and my Kingdom.  And regardless of your birth status, I don't care and no one at Court would dare oppose me in this; I am after all the 'wild' one of my siblings."

Lamphere had thought the entire week, whether he could do his task, what she should do afterwards, if he was serious and would return.  Turns out he was, and she was flattered that a man would do so much, both for his people and for her as a woman.  "I think, together, we could do great things... and I doubt I could do better for my people or myself than to marry you... so Yes, I'll marry you."

A few years have gone by, and most of the corruption has been cleansed of their Kingdom.  Walcha rules from the top down, controlling his Nobles, and Lamphere rules from the bottom up, controlling the Rogues and militia of the common people.  She makes sure they fight for their rights and refuse to take more abuse than their station requires.  

Rogues, as commoners, are happier not and now show loyalty to their Royalty.  This doesn’t mean they don’t steal and fight for territory, but they are often enough the cause of a halted assassination attempt, and they provide good intelligence of an enemy’s movements.  They are a most efficient form of military for Aamath.  Aamath has an army, but the Rogues and Militia are fast and silent, moving where the Army would be harder to get properly positioned to be as useful.

The Queen is in contact with the leaders of each Rogue groups, commanding them as the King commands the army.  She trains with them still, and is as stealthy as the best of assassins.  The double pronged attacks from Scali and Tonan were easily foreseen by King Walcha's and Queen Lamphere's spy system before the enemies army's and raiders reached their borders, so they had some time to get prepared.  With the alliance between Aamath and Koranti, they assist each other in defending their borders.  Koranti sends over larger Armies, since they have more soldiers, to battle with Tonan to the south, while Aamath trades loyal Rogues to Koranti to help guard their northern border.
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Aamath's Story
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