Reign of Turmoil

Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Koranti's Story

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PostSubject: Koranti's Story   Koranti's Story Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2013 2:39 am

King Aiden Honai, Queen Sabat Honai – former princess of Aamath, Princess Grace – 12 years old

Climate and Terrain
Climate is summers in the 80’-90’s.  Spring and Fall are rainy seasons.  4 months of winter with heavy snowfall blocking northern roads for 2 months.  
Coast on the east and south-east, Tonan on south, Aamath on west, Scali on north, and the north west corner.

Koranti's Way of Life
Koranti’s rulers are benevolent and just.  Not to be trifled with, they rule with strict rules that All must abide, creating a fair kingdom where there is equality for all and no slavery.  Seeing the effort and effect of women who desire to fight and work just as hard as their menfolk, women are allowed into all branches of the military, be it a female Knight or a Mercenary.  This is no time to turn away any willing soldiers.

Scali to the north send out raiding parties, stealing from and destroying villages.  They escape before the army can be assembled.  Forced to rethink their standard movements, Koranti’s King and Queen have enlisted mercenary groups to form smaller groups and stick to the northern border.  They are able to move faster than the companies of 100 soldiers that the army works as.  With the alliance between Koranti and Aamath, they trade a certain amount of Koranti’s Army with Aamath’s faster Rogues.  These Rogues will abide by Koranti’s laws or be sent back to Aamath.

Tonan to the south has been encroaching on Koranti land for a long time, but they have recently been blatantly attacking the border with their armies.  There is a possibility that Tonan and Scali are working together, as these attacks are increasing in frequency at the same time.  It is possible a spy could be traveling through Koranti or Aamath to deliver messages between these distant Countries.
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Koranti's Story
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