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 quest for the city

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quest for the city Empty
PostSubject: quest for the city   quest for the city Icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 6:04 pm

Tristan, finaly arriving at the city gates elated that his journey was over. was overwhelmed by the castle alone. he couldn't wait to get inside and see everything. walking inside there were stalls everywhere selling things. so many people and things he hadn't seen before, but had heard about. he remembered his warnings from the family's father in the woods about the taverns, and it's patrons. as well as the women that worked there. keeping a tight grip on his purse with what few gold he had left, tristan continued into the city.

passing food stalls, and black smiths, jewelers, and crafters of all kinds. tristan made his way towards the castles center. he found a sign reading recruitment tent, and went inside.

((exit to recruitment tent))
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quest for the city
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