Reign of Turmoil

Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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Name: (first and last, middle is optional)
Gender: (male or female, nothing in-between please)
Race: (Human, Light Elf, Centaur, etc.)
Age: (no characters under the age of 15)
Birthday: (month and day)
Height: (in feet and inches)
Weight: (in pounds)
General appearance: (hair color and length, skin color, how skinny or muscular are you, any body markings like tattoo or scars)
Country affiliation: (Scali, Aamath, etc.  Read the Stories before picking, you don't want to regret who you call King)
Class: (Knight, Archer, Mage, etc.)
Jobs: (Herbalism, Mining, etc.  2 Leveling jobs allowed.  1 RP job allowed)
Deity: (not necessary, but you get a boost to stats and more for having one… only one allowed.  A Paladin, Necromancer's, and Priest's are already chosen)
Magical type(s): (only a Mage is allowed 2, everyone else can only have 1)

Motivation: (anything that makes you want to do what you do.  Could be a trauma or even just how you were raised.  1 paragraph minimum)
Personality: (1 paragraph minimum.  Likes, dislikes, what you behave like)
History: (the whole thing: where were you born, who are your parents, what was your childhood like, did you get married, what happened to bring you to this point)
RP Sample: (100 word minimum)
Face claim: (where is your character’s picture from?)
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Keok'jay WIP
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