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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Leveling Jobs and RP Jobs

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PostSubject: Leveling Jobs and RP Jobs   Leveling Jobs and RP Jobs Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 7:17 pm


Leveling Jobs - You are allowed 2 at a time.  You gain points for working them.  If you choose to change a job, your skill will slowly decrease an equal amount as you increase the new one.

A Blacksmith takes raw ore that has been mined from rock and turns it into metal for weapons, armor, or metal jewelry.  They have the job of smelting and creating.  Any weapon made from metal is made from a Blacksmith, no wooden weapons.  If a weapon is a combo with metal and other materials, a Blacksmith is needed to create the metal pieces.  A Blacksmith is needed to socket armor or weapons to be able to have Gems put in them for their special abilities. They can also make metal chains for necklaces, or wire workings for other jewelry to put gems in. If a Blacksmith is not a Miner, they will need to be given the ore or buy the ore from a Miner.

Jewel Crafter
A Jewel Crafter cuts Gems that are needed/good to be placed in Jewelry/Armor/Weapons but you need the assistance of other Crafters to actually make the Jewelry or to place them in armor or weapons: Blacksmith for metal, Wood crafter for wood, Leatherworker for leather, Tailor for cloth.  These are well sought after for the buffs the different gems give people and the different placement of the jewels (Ex. Ruby can give fire damage if placed on a weapon or fire defense if placed on armor, Jewelry is almost always seen as Armor and not a Weapon, give a good reason for the other and Admins can work with it).  If a Jewel Crafter is not a Miner, they can be given the ore/gems by a Miner or can buy ore from one in order to search for hidden gems.  After searching for gems inside ore, they can resell the spare ore to a Blacksmith.

A Tailor had the ability to create clothing and armor from Cloth.  They cut, size, stitch and lo and behold, a piece of armor.  The higher the level, the more different types of Cloth you can use, like silk, etc. A Tailor can create Jewelry pieces made from cloth, strings or straps to hold gems, and also they are needed to socket Cloth armor to be able to house the Gems for their special abilities

A Leatherworker had the ability to create clothing and armor from Leather.  They cut, size, stitch and lo and behold, a piece of armor.  The higher the level, the more different types of Leather you can use, like dragonskin leather, etc. A Leatherworker can create Jewelry pieces made from leather, strings or straps to hold gems, and also they are needed to socket Leather armor to be able to house the Gems for their special abilities

Wood Crafter
A Wood Crafter is, as stated… a Crafter of wood.  They make weapons such as Bows and Arrows (minus the arrowhead), Staffs, Wands, Musical Instruments for bards, etc. as long as it is made from wood.  Plus they can make Catapults for their Kingdom for profit.  A Wood Crafter is also required to build boats.  There may be some quests for a formerly pillaged village that needs repair; a Wood Crafter could be useful in rebuilding houses. A Wood Crafter can create Jewelry pieces made from wood, rings or bracelets that can hold gems, and also they are needed to socket wooden weapons to be able to house the Gems for their special abilities.

An Herbalist is a person who has knowledge of different herbal remedies and how to make them.  They scour the forests and other areas for different herbs that do different things.  They create poisons, cures, remedies that clot blood to stop bleeding damage or thin blood to cause it, etc.  They can make these into a salve to coat weapons or a person, or they can create a potion to be ingested.

Take a pickaxe and start hammering.  Miners find specific ores that are required for both Blacksmiths and Jewel Crafters.  Different ores are harder to find and harder to mine.  Miners must be careful when working because a chunk of rock may have a hidden treasure in it, gems may be inside.  They sell their Ore to Blacksmiths and Jewel Crafters for profit.  A Jewel Crafter searches for gems inside and can resell the spare ore to a Blacksmith.

Hunter track, trap and kill the animal or keep it alive.  They do this for profit of animal skins to Leatherworkers or collectors, or food, or profit of a rare animal to a collector or trainer.  They study all animal types like a Beast Master, but do not always desire a pet instead of food.  You get a bonus to Hunter Skill Level if you are a Beast Master Class.

A Bard is an entertainer with a purpose.  They can rally the troops with a fighting song, calm people down after a fight, etc.  A Bard can play different instruments or sing, or both.  There are special spells that can be used through music that only a Bard can use.

A Cook is someone who feeds people.  They make different dishes with different meats, breads, stews, pies, etc.  Each different type of meal gives back bonuses to Energy, Mana, and Health, and some give special additional bonuses.  They also make drinks like coffee, tea… Eggnog, etc.

First Aid
For those not blessed with a healing ability or spell, First Aid is a good job to have.  Able to stop bleeding damage and repair lost hit points through bandages and suture.  As the skill gets higher, you can splint broken bones and even eventually reattach limbs.  CPR is included in First Aid should there be a drowning/heart/breathing problem.  At level 100 First Aid, you can resurrect people.

Enchanters are people who place certain spells on armor and weapons.  These spells can do a multitude of things that can help boost a person's attack or defense or something else random.  You must have some Magic in order to be an Enchanter (12 points).   You can also make money by setting up a shop and simply Enchanting other people’s gear when they come to you or selling scrolls for them to do it themselves.

RP JOBS – for fun, only one allowed at a time, you can quit your job if you want a new one.  If you want to suggest an RP job, feel free.  These do not Level and get points.

Barmaid/Tavern worker
Working in a Pub or Tavern can be hard work.  You get to socialize with lots of different people, but beware of a wandering hand and a harassment lawsuit.  Men can do the work too, but will more than likely be a Bar Tender or Waiter.  Work there long enough and you may be able to purchase the whole place and become the owner.

Weapon Training Master
This job is different than either a Leveling Job or an RP Job.  Getting a couple types of weapons up to Level 100, you can become a Trainer.  Other players can hire you to boost their Weapon Skill Level for pay.  It will require one less battles/posts than if they trained out in the world (5 posts instead of 20), and it is safer since there is no risk of death, but the price is high.  As a Weapon Training Master, if you should choose, you may sacrifice your 2 Leveling Jobs to get 2 more Weapons to train up and be able to teach.  Maximum of 4 different weapon types since you cannot sacrifice your Class: you can change it, but not get rid of it.  This is useful for teaching those who wish to change or add to their weapons but do not have the necessary 1 point to use the basic weapon.  It is also good for those who are just a couple points away from getting a better weapon.

Animal Trainer
All the kingdoms use animals for different things.  You can work in the stables and train horses for battle or for a workhorse.  Work in the Kennels to train dogs for battle or for assistance, or even for household pets.  Birds can be used as messengers or small-game hunters.  You will work in one of these areas and train these animals.

Help people in the hospitals.  A nurse doesn't need First Aid to do her job, but it’d help.  A doctor will be required to have at least 70 in First Aid to have this job.  Healers make great Nurses and Doctors, no First Aid required.  You can be sent to a guard tower where there is too many wounded to be taken care of, or you could work your way up the roster and end up being your Ruler’s Head Doctor.

Grab your pole and start your day.  Pick a lake or pond or ocean and fish the day away.  Be cautious of dangerous zones with Bandits or wild beasts and monsters, but you could find a quiet place to fish to your heart’s content.  Sell your fish to a Merchant or a Cook.  May fish up random objects but you may find a treasure or two.

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Leveling Jobs and RP Jobs
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