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 Weapon Training Rules and Guide

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Weapon Training Rules and Guide Empty
PostSubject: Weapon Training Rules and Guide   Weapon Training Rules and Guide Icon_minitimeSun Sep 22, 2013 12:58 pm

(This is for All Classes, yes Rogues don't go to the Training Yard, but same Rules on the posts/points and the 'How to RP' apply where you go, so pay attention anyways)

All weaponry is optional for any Class, this will be asked of you when you are in the Recruitment Tent (will be asked in a different place for Rogues who don't go to the Tent)  

How many Posts give how many Points

The Training Yard is to get your first point in a weapon, this doesn't mean you can stay here training up your sword forever, you must move on to another weapon or continue on in your training of other stuff after you get your 1st point.  

During your initial training, 1 post = 1 point, only for your first point (from getting from 0 to 1).  

If you leave the initial training and come back later (if you are still in training but are at the classroom or something, or if you completely leave and realize you wanted that after all) 5 posts = 1 point for that 1st point

All weapon training that is not your first training in the Training Yard (elsewhere for Rogue) is 20 posts = 1 point, even if you haven't gotten your first point yet because you said 'oh I don't need daggers, I'll have a staff' and didn't take advantage of the 1post=1pt training.  

So I advise you to take advantage of the 1post=1pt and do all the weapons right away even if you think you'll never use it, because you never know... you might get a rare find of a weapon that is awesome and you can't use it because you never unlocked that weapon type at all.

How to RP the training

Since almost all the weapons will be as a sparring training (if you are alone, you will have an npc to spar with), we want it to be a practice for how fighting out in the real world will be... so

 * 1 swing of a weapon allowed per post

 * if someone attacks you, you will roll a dodge before you do your RP post.  This dodge roll will tell you how much you dodged the attack and then you can incorporate that information into your RP (Be like... one post just saying Dodge Roll and you do the roll.  then you do another post that is your RP saying... I rolled a 50 so... "I didn't manage to get out of the way in time and was hit with most of the swing, the mace hit my hand and made it numb but it didn't break, yada yada"

 * Remember to say where and how you are attacking since it matters
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Weapon Training Rules and Guide
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