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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Different Races

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PostSubject: Different Races   Different Races Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 7:00 pm


There are two types of Races, Humanoid (human characteristics) and NonHumanoid.  NonHumanoid is if the appearance is at least 50% animal (Centaur, Minotaur, Unicorn, Harpy, Mermaid, etc.)  Werewolfs are being classified as NonHumanoid because the shapeshift is more than 50%.

You can be 100% any Humanoid race (a Core race like Human or Elf or the below listed, or any other race that is Humanoid like Hobbit, Gnome, Sprite, Fairy, etc.)

You can be a MAXIMUM of 50% of ONE type of a NonHumanoid (50% Werewolf and 50% Elf, or something) that isn't a Core Race (Centaur, Minotaur).  You can NOT be more than one type (Ex. 10% Werewolf, 10% Mermaid, 10% Harpy... etc. because being a flying-breathing-underwater-werewolf is way too Over Powered).  The exception to this 'Max 50%' Rule is Centaurs and Minotaurs since they are a Core Race (the basics that are listed below).  Centaurs and Minotaurs can have another NonHumanoid Race but still the MAX is 50%

You can NOT have any portion of an Undead race: Banshee, Wraith, Skeleton, etc.  This is Any creature from Limbo (even if they show up in the regular world).

Human – Must have at least 6 points in Health
Dwarf – Must have at least 6 points in Stamina
Light Elf – Must have at least 6 points in Magic
Dark Elf– Must have at least 6 points in Magic
Centaur – Must have at least 6 points in Agility
Minotaur – Must have at least 6 points in Strength
Orc – Must have at least 6 points in Agility
Ogre – Must have at least 6 points in Strength

The most common of the races.  Although typically not as pretty as the Elves, they are more rugged.  The history of the Humans isn't as long or as detailed as some of the other races.  They do not live as long as the Elves and therefore do not remember as far back as their beginnings.  Their records only go about 500 years in the past, but some versions vary.  Some say they came to this land on boats, some say they were here already and merely stopped living in hiding.  
Average lifespan is 90 years.  
Average height is from 5’5”-7’.

Sturdy and stout, members of this race usually live near or in mountains.  They are strong, rowdy and fun loving; they spend most of their free time in a pub drinking all they can until the pass out or are dragged back home by angry wives.  Not that the female Dwarfs don’t drink just as much, but somehow they can hold their liquor better even if they drink the same amount.  
Average lifespan is 110 years.  
Average height is from 3’-4’5”.

Light Elf
Slender, beautiful creatures, they walk, talk, act, do everything with an elegance that doesn't seem of this world.  Living in harmony with nature, they were originally a reclusive race, but with the countries spreading, they have been seen more and more in cities.  They are learning about foreign ways and teaching their own, hoping to create a peace between races.  The live in the forest, hidden in trees and foliage.  
Average lifespan is 300 years.
Average height is 5’5”-7’5”

Dark Elf
Slender, beautiful creatures, they walk, talk, act, do everything with an elegance that doesn't seem of this world.  Hundreds of years ago, a sect of Elves split from their brethren, the Light Elves.  Not accepting that there should be peace between the races, they live in isolation.  They will work with another race ONLY if it is to their benefit, but they prefer not to.  Turning their backs on their homes, they now reside in the rock of mountains and caves or dry, deserts.  This is at odds with their nature, causing a shortened lifespan.  Living in darkness and staying away from the plants they have grown to hate, they now have a paler complexion and heightened night vision.
Average lifespan is 200 years.
Average height is 5’5”-7’5”

Body of a horse meeting at the shoulder area with the hips of a humanoid.  There are crossbreeds with Elves, Humans, etc., so saying a half-horse-half-Human just isn't always true.  They originated between an affair between a Horse god and a Humanoid god.  Their children were seen as an abomination in the heavens so they were sent down to be cursed with mortality.  They have a high sense of what is right and wrong.  This personality is due to being sent from heaven and looked down on by the other Gods.  Not all of the Gods were a part of their exile, and so the God of Battle, the God of Death, and the Goddess of Peace still accept a Centaur as a Valkyr, Necromancer, or Scion and the Animal Gods hold no grudge, and even though they are part horse, they can still devote themselves to any Animal God to be a Druid or just get the Buff yet be another Class.  
Average lifespan is 120 years.  
Average height is 7’-9’ tall at their head, not at the horse part’s shoulders

Half-man half-bull, these do not create a half and half creature like the centaur, but merge all over to create something new.  The general body shape is that of a humanoid, but they have the hooves, tail, and horns of a bull.  They are highly muscular and tall.  The color red does not cause anger, but it does amplify strong passions, both good and bad.
Average lifespan is 100 years.  
Average height is 8’-10’ tall at the top of their head, not including any extra height from horns.

Intelligent and calculating creatures.  Adaptable to their surroundings, they don’t have any specific terrain or climate they live in.  Orcs have a slightly greenish hue to their skin tone and pointed ears.  Enlarged lower canines can sometimes look like tusks if long enough, but not all are that long.  They will ally themselves with whoever they deem is of benefit to them, but unlike the Dark Elves, Orcs like being around other races.  Being with others gives them a greater view of the world and where the power is.
Average lifespan is 115 years
Average height is 4’-5.5’ tall

A simple race, they try not to include themselves in the drama of the world, but things happen, like their rulers being at war.  They will defend themselves and family with ferocity so extreme they have been called Monsters more often than not.  Ogres enjoy the simple things in life, home, family, friends, and their daily routines.  They come from small communities and feel indebted to their Kingdom’s/Clan’s rulers for allowing them their own land with limited interference.  They have a bluish skin tone that comes in many different shades and they are very muscular.
Average lifespan is 95 years
Average height is 6’-8’ tall
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Different Races
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