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 Spell and Ability Rules

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PostSubject: Spell and Ability Rules   Spell and Ability Rules Icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 11:49 pm

Basic Guidelines

Spells use Mana
Abilities use Energy

If you are a Valkyr or Scion, during the Spell/Ability Channeling Your God/Goddess, they gain the ability to channel the God’s power through them. This means a Valkyr can redirect anything that took Mana before to use their Energy (this makes it so they wont need as much Magic Stat and can buff up their Stamina), and a Scion can redirect anything that took Energy before to use their Mana (the opposite as a Paladin)

No usage of any that have not received approval.
Once it is approved, you can use it an any topic you are in; no 'You started the fight without it so finish without it'.  I believe that people can learn things through combat and you should be able to use it... once it's approved.

Pre-Made Spells and Abilities

Admins have chosen 5 Spells/Abilities for each class, you will choose 6 more from the Pre-Made Spells and Abilities list.  Make sure you choose 6 that are different from the ones you already have, most of those are in the list for other Classes to take.  

You will be able to use these Spells/Abilities at Class Levels 1, 10, 20, 30, etc. every 10th Class Level.  Choose ahead of time which you want and the order in which you want them.  The 5 the Admins chose for you should be first... but no one is saying that if you REALLY want one of your personal choices it can't be worked in earlier than level 50.

Making your Own Spells/Abilities

You are allowed to create one Spell or Ability every other Class Level starting at Level 2.

If you cannot think of one, you don't have to make it right then and there, you can do a Roll Over and think of it within the next 10 Character Levels.  If you cannot think of a spell within 10 Levels, you lose that level's spell/ability and you will not get it back (this is to keep people from making a couple spells as they level and then make a bunch of OP level 100 spells).  But you can only create 50 total max.  

You can only make 10 Spells/Abilities that Scale with your Level or a percent of your damage.  The rest have to be a set amount of damage/effect.

Spells/Abilities that do the same thing

Different Spell/Abilities doing similar things

Example. Achilles Heel and Enhanced Weapon Damage.  They both raise physical damage by a certain percent.  There are other examples but this is good enough...  You can NOT stack two abilities like this to make it more powerful.  If Achilles Heel raises damage by 50% and Enhanced Weapon Damage by 100%, the stronger one will overwrite the weaker one... it will not turn into 150%.  You can choose which one you want to have, some have longer durations than others, if it's a weaker percent but you want it for the duration or for whatever reason, you can pick that one instead of the stronger one.  So make sure you talk to your team before you all start throwing Buffs up incase you are doubling up and wasting Mana and Energy.

Same Spell/Ability

Same rule as above if it is the Same Spell/Ability casted twice, only one at a time for ones like this that deal with your damage.

Obviously Heals are different and if some one has a Heal-Over-Time going and someone does a One Post Heal... it will not overwrite either, the target will be healed for all damage.

Like Someone Else's Spell/Ability?

If you see an ability/spell that someone else made, and you want it, you must ask permission first from original maker (they are able say no at this time, if site gets too many people, this may change), They may request Gold payment - pay them – price dependent on ability/spell.  And you must have 2 training posts on the spell/ability, the first one would probably blow up in your face, the second you get it right.

Post a new Spell/Ability with just the name of it and stating which Character to look at to find it (it will be in their section as they are the original creator, but it needs to be written down in yours that you are using it and a way for others to find it to see what it does)
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Spell and Ability Rules
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