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 Spell Template

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PostSubject: Spell Template   Spell Template Icon_minitimeWed Apr 24, 2013 11:48 am

Name: (…)
Type: (Healing, Attack, Buff, DeBuff)
Magic Type: (Fire, Earth, Nature, etc.)
Mana Cost: (give us what you think it should be, Admins may or may not agree depending on effect and character level)
Casting Time: (Immediate cast or does it take a 1 post charge up)
Duration of Effect: (Does effect work slowly doing an effect-over-time or one post of effect.)
Cooldown: (can you recast this immediately afterwards or must you wait a few posts?)
Stat Requirements: (Magic)
Training Level Requirement: (Magic training, not class)
Class Level Requirement: (…)
Area of Effect: (single target, multiple targets not AOE… as in I see 5 people and target each one individually at the same time but no others, or AOE as in effecting everything in the area including friend/enemy targets. How far does it reach, your touch or 30 yards away.)
Primary Effect: (damage, heal, etc)
Secondary Effect: (does a heal also cure a poison, does it blind as well as doing your Primary Effect, etc.)
Description: (what does it look like when casting, what does the spell look like in progress, what does it do, must you be standing still or can u be on the run, do you have to touch the person or not, etc.)
RP Sample: (just something simple, one paragraph or sentence, I don’t care, just get the point across)
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Spell Template
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