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 Chrysantha Nimda

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PostSubject: Chrysantha Nimda   Chrysantha Nimda Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 5:52 am

Name: Nimda, Chrysantha
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: May 9th
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150lb
General appearance: Brunette with shoulder length hair, brown eyes, lean muscular body, fair skined unlike her sister
Country affiliation: Aamath
Class: Valkyr
Jobs: Blacksmithing, Mining, No RP job yet
Deity: God of Battle
Magical type(s): Holy, Earth

Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Magic: 12
Stamina: 12
Health: 10

Chrysantha was constantly picked on as a child and teenager by others for being quiet, sheepish, and reserved. Her reason for fighting is to defend the weak and innocent and stand up to anybody who endangers her or her sibling Azaela.

Chrysantha is notably money loving. She will not back down from a challenge unless her better judgement tells her to. Being the ill tempered person she is, Chrysantha is a cynical individual who is easily angered. She becomes touchy at any mention of her family.

Chrysantha was born into poverty along with her older twin sibling Azaela. Her childhood was one with the self inflicted burden of farm labor to help her kind, loving family.  Between their father's gambling problem and the family's lack of money, any effort made for a better life seemed futile, but she remained hopeful. It became part of her everyday routine to pray for a change.

Ironically enough, it was her father's announcement that made the change happen. Azaela was chosen for an arranged marriage with a wealthy pig farmer. That was the catalyst that led to the twins fleeing their home.

RP Sample:  
It was almost midnight. Even though her shared room felt a bit cold, Chrysantha was snug, warm, and in deep sleep under her blankets. She didn't have a care in the world while she was off in dream land, where her only difficult decision was whether to have chamomile, spearmint, or black tea to accompany an evening snack.
However, the peace didn't last long.
Her slumber was intterupted by Azaela's voice commanding her to wake up. She noticed her sister making her way to their packed bags through fuzzy, half asleep eyes. Chrysantha arose quietly from bed, sitting there in silence as she observed their room for what was perhaps the last time she would lay eyes on it.

"So, were going through with it after all."
She said silently to her twin sibling, part of her wishing that she still layed in bed and that it was all a bad dream, part of her anxious to leave and perhaps never return.
As she readied herself for the journey ahead a question lingered in the back of her mind: What would become of herself and Azaela? What would become of  their mother and father?

She followed closely behind her sister out the door. Crysantha looked back one last time at their home fondly. Taking no regret and only memories, she and Azaela fled into the moon litted path carved by the night that would lead them to freedom.

Face claim: Shunya Yamashita's art books ;)
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Chrysantha Nimda
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