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 Types of Worldly/Elemental Magic

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PostSubject: Types of Worldly/Elemental Magic   Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:19 am

Worldly/Elemental Magic
Not Magic from the Gods like a Valkyr, Scion, Druid, Necromancer gets, or a Body's magic like a Healer gets

EVERY Class (even the above mentioned specialties) gets one type of this Magic, Mages get 2 types.

Melee fighters (up close) can use magic if they wish to, but only spells to the extent of their body or weapons.  Ex. is a Mercenary creating a layer of fire on top of their weapon but not able to shoot fireballs.

I tried to make it so not one Magic type was supposed to be used for a specific Class, any Class can pick any element and so on, not like all Necromancers need Dark or Healers Have to be Light, etc. etc.  So have fun and mix it up.

Elementalists are different from other Classes in that other Classes would need a part of the Magic with them to use it, an already existing fire, or a pail of water... or a pond next to you, etc (obviously air is always around though).  Elementalists can create it from nothing with a Passive ability that they can learn, but they are restricted to Air, Earth, Fire, and Water only.  


As a Fire user, you can amplify already existing flames or create them from of friction.  A down side to Fire is that it cannot exist without any Air and is weakened or even counteracted with Water, but Water is also counteracted with Fire through the heat evaporating the Water.  You can also cause a Damage-over-Time Burn effect depending on the spell.


You can control the water around you.  Fire can counteract an attack by evaporating the water, but water could put the fire out as well.  You use Water in all its forms (liquid, solid, gas, but onlt Elementalists can create water from the Air around you), you can also cause a Damage-over-Time Frost Bite effect depending on the spell.


Power over the Air and Wind; can create a gentle breeze or hurricane force winds.  Air will amplify or smother a Flame, but it has limited power in regards to Earth magic.  Think about what Air can do, use it in conjuncture with other things to carry things through the air, you have a limited levitation.


Earth has power over the very ground you stand on.  Dirt, stone, sand, mud, anywhere you say it… it’s Earth.  It has the power to stop most Air attacks through a block and Fire has limited power over it, but Water can cause problems.  Create shields or hurl bolts, pull the ground from under an enemy’s feet… think about all you can or would do with power over the ground.


The power of Light has the obvious properties of brightness and light.  There are also vision and sensory enhancement spells, and it is a pure energy that can cleanse poisons, curses, things like that, and automatically boosts healing spells by 5%.  You can blind or light a darkened path… lots of things.


Darkness has power over many things.  Some of these things are vision and sensory manipulation (hindering for opponents) spells, shadows, assisting with stealth.  There is the blinding, night vision, and illusion type of spells too, just try to use your imagination…  


Nature is an interesting form of Magic, it revolves around all plant-life.  You can use vines and branches to trap your opponents while using poisonous plants to cause harm.  All with Nature Magic are given a bag of basic seeds to use.  You can cause instant growth of these into full life to use them to your advantage.  But you can always use your surrounding plant-life instead.
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Types of Worldly/Elemental Magic
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