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 Iron Great Sword

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PostSubject: Iron Great Sword   Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:57 am

Name: Iron Great Sword
Type: Sword – Two handed
Made from: Iron with Leather handle wrapping.  15lb Iron, 3 half-inch wide 16 inch long strips of leather
Weight: 15lbs
Character Level Requirement: 5
Stat Requirements: 20 Strength 6 Agility
Weapon Level Requirement: 10 Sword
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 18
Other Effect: None
Weapon's Health: 54
Energy Cost: 5
Description: Blade is 5 feet long and 3 inches wide.  Sharp on both edges, tapering to a point starting 4 inches from tip.  Hilt comes out 4 inches from the handle, coming out on both bladed sides.  Handle is 1 inch thick and 8 inches long with a braided leather grip.
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Iron Great Sword
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