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Four Kingdoms at war. Magic, Monsters, Castles, and Warriors all fighting for their Rulers. Pick you Kingdom, Race, Class and Weapons and join the fray.
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 Azalea Nimda

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PostSubject: Azalea Nimda   Azalea Nimda Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2013 4:46 am

Name: Azalea Nimda
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: May 9th
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150lb
General appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, pretty face, no tattoos or scars.  A nice figure, a little on the muscular side from working on a farm throughout childhood.  Smooth complexion with slightly tanned skin
Country affiliation: Aamath
Class: Mercenary
Jobs: First Aid, Wood Crafter.  No RP job at this time.  
Deity: Canine Deity – Bonus of +1 Stamina when power is called upon
Magical type(s): Nature

Strength: 11
Agility: 11
Magic: 5
Stamina: 13
Health: 10

Growing up poor, she has a high regard for money, but her greatest motivation is to earn it to send it back to her family.  Her father took money for her in an arranged marriage, and she caused a big problem by running away.  The anger he had shown when she said she wouldn’t marry Taki the pig farmer had caused her immense guilt since.  If she could earn enough to send back and repay her father her worth, she would be able to feel at ease.  

She also felt a responsibility for her twin sister.  Running away together had made her realize how little they knew about the world.  She did not want to cause her sister any harm because they were so vulnerable, alone in the world with only each other.

Azalea is a goal orientated person; she sets her sights on something and will move mountains to attain it.  She likes to take care of people, and will often be seen trying to help someone in need or teach someone a new skill.  She likes money and her family, she dislikes waste and those who feel entitled to the things they have when they haven’t worked for them.

Born 2 minutes before her twin sister Chrysantha, she was welcomed into a world of love… and poverty.  Her parents did love her, very much, but they were poor before they got pregnant, and twins were not expected.  Her whole childhood she learned about the power of this mysterious thing called money, and how it could make or break a person, or family.  Her father had a small gambling problem; small only because they never had enough money for him to gamble away large amounts.  

When her father came home one night, he was so happy.  Carrying a small pouch he plopped it on the kitchen table and said that they didn’t have to worry about food for the winter.  Happy about the money, she was still cautious and worried about where that money came from.  He kept looking at her with a big smile, but his eyes were not showing love like normal, they were calculating.  It didn’t take long to figure out why when he out-right states, “Azalea is getting married in a week.”  The shock in the room was almost funny, but it was quickly taken over by rage as Azalea demanded to know what was going on.  He admitted that he had been talking to a local pig farmer, and he was looking for a wife.  They negotiated and all was settled.  He had already accepted the money.  No matter how much she yelled and denied that she would ever get married to such a man, her pleas fell on deaf ears.  

So she ran away.  She didn’t dare leave her sister though.  Talking to Chrysantha, she told her the plan to leave, and how if Chrys didn’t leave with her, the marriage would be transferred to her; her father didn’t care which daughter he sold, as long as he had more money to gamble away.  Both agreeing on when they would leave and where they would go, they gathered enough food and cold weather gear and ran away together.  They headed to the Capital, surely there would be something they could do to earn money and survive.  

RP Sample:  
“Chrys, wake up!” Azalea whispered to her sister urgently, they had little time to do this.  She couldn’t believe her sister would fall asleep now of all times.  Seeing Chrys was waking up, she tiptoed her way to the supply bags they had packed the night before.  With all the things they needed to survive a journey a few sentimental things, they wore their warmest clothes; it was still cold at this time of night.  Putting one back on her back, she handed the other to Chrysantha, ready to go.

Their parents had been asleep for the last 3 hours, and it was now 11 at night.  With their father waking up with dawn, they had to get as far away as possible before that.  Walking as quietly as they could, she inched the door open just enough for them to sneak out, fearing a squeaky hinge the whole time.  With one last look at their home, they closed the door and headed out into the night.  

Face claim: Balsa from Seirei No Moribito
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Azalea Nimda
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